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I did it! There’s no stopping me now! July 9, 2009

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Thanks to all the beautiful images on Tartelette and Mad Baker‘s sites, I was totally inspired to make macarons. Not macaroons, macarons. These aren’t those giant mounds of coconut that instantly come to mind (at least for most Americans)-they’re beautiful, delicate, and often colorful sandwiches of awesomeness (and also French). After deciding that I must make them, I searched high and low for a recipe that wasn’t measured by weight (as I haven’t been fortunate enough to purchase a kitchen scale yet). Then I realized that many of the recipes included statements encouraging the baker to continue on after screwing the batch up. Was it really going to be that difficult of a task? Surely not-I’m good at this! Finally I found a recipe on Mr. David Lebovitz’s website that was sure to do me right. With nerves of steel, I set to my task.

I had recently purchased a large quantity of liquid egg whites due to a diet plan and set out to “age” the equivalent of two egg whites (as recommended by Tartelette) for a day. Now I know, all you that are versed in making meringues are rolling your eyes at this, but I learned my lesson. DO NOT attempt to use liquid egg whites to make a meringue. You will beat and beat your egg whites until your mixer threatens to jump off the counter top and steal your car, and all you’ll have is sweetened foam. Save yourself the time and irritation and just use egg whites from whole eggs. Seriously.

I didn’t expect them to look anything like they were supposed to when I checked the oven, as I’m a noob and didn’t have the right size piping tip. Imagine my surprise when I checked in the oven and they had little feet and everything! Yay! I did end up screwing up the ganache (I attempted the chocolate one on Mr. Lebovitz’s website but didn’t realize I didn’t have enough chocolate until too late, and tried to halve the recipe-which did not work. I ended up making some strange chocolate ganache/peanut butter concoction that tasted pretty darn good).

Huzzah! I will definately be attempting more flavors soon.