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Cupcake Hero – May 2008 : Cocoa Powder June 1, 2008

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I had previously refrained from posting this, due to my paranoia/superstitiony-ness, but now that the deadline has passed, I feel better about it.

I submitted it rather early as my May was a bit hectic, and the deadline was my birthday (that’s right folks-yesterday was my birthday, and yes I got something cupcake related-earrings, in addition to my Jessie Steele apron). We had some craziness with the scheduling at work and also a vacation to Mexico, which contributed to my recipe decision: Vegan Mexican Chocolate with non-Vegan Banana Frosting aka Sexy Mexy Banana Hammock cupcakes aka “The Cabana Boy”-J, my dear husband, is also a bit of inspiration as he’s my Sexy Mexy cabana boy. I don’t think I’ve ever called him that out loud though.

The Cabana Boy

(please excuse the photography)


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