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Happy Birthday to Me! May 12, 2008

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Yesterday we drove to my parents’ house to celebrate Mother’s Day with (duh) my mother. Since my birthday is coming soon (a few weeks) and we probably wouldn’t be able to get out that way, my mom went ahead and gave me my birthday gift early. She did a hell of a job-pretty much the best birthday present ever (she made a pretty hard act to J to follow!). It was a multi-part gift with a whole bunch of different things in it, but the best parts were a new big mixing bowl with measurements on the side, a good sturdy spatula (also good for keeping husbands in line), a cartoon turned into a piece of art that she customized with my hair color, name, and favorite cooking method – a version of this :


, except she had red hair, and it says something close to (it’s in the kitchen downstairs and I’m so not) While working on her cupcake recipe, Mox accidentally opens up a can of Whoopass. Pretty darn funny-oh and her apron is white with cupcakes on it-I thought it was neat that my mom made it match a Jessie Steele apron I showed her a while back. Even neater was when I opened the next part of the present and in it was….

Holy crap! The Jessie Steele apron I showed her a while back! How freakin’ cool is that?! I’m definately going to wear that while working on this month’s cupcake hero.



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